Police Checks & Declarations (Brussels Minor Ball)

PrintPolice Checks & Declarations

Police Records Checks need to be completed every
three years for anyone volunteering as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Manager/Parent Rep. 

Instructions for Police Checks: Vulnerable Sector Screening
  1. If you live in an area patrolled by the OPP then you can use the link below to access the application form. If you live in another area you will have to go to the website for the police force that covers your area.
  2.   Applicants will be required to upload a Brussels Minor Ball Volunteer Letter when applying for their record check.
  3.  To request a Vulnerable Sector Police Records check – https://www.opp.ca/index.php?id=147
  4.  Choose “BEGIN RECORD CHECK” and follow the instructions.
  5.  Once the check is complete, an electronic record check is sent to the applicant's email address as a PDF attachment. This link is only good for 7 days. Make sure you download the results and save, otherwise after 7 days you will not have access to it.
  7.  Please send the electronic record check to Anna Wilson.
declaration needs to be completed annually for the two years between your police record checks.